Rohaley, Kayla-0212 POTWI had such an amazing day today spending time with Kayla and her mom Sharon.
Kayla was just stunning in all of her different outfits. Her smile was contagious as was her laugh. One image in particular that stood out to me was one of Kayla and this awesome HUGE 4×4 truck. The truck used to belong to Kayla’s brother Leo who a little over 2 years ago was killed in a motorcycle accident. Kayla was so close to Leo and feels connected to him whenever she’s driving the truck.
During the session and chatting with Sharon she also shared that Kayla has also beat cancer! Wow what an amazing young woman and an amazing family.
Kayla you have been through so much in your life already and have such a strong spirit. You knocked out cancer and now it’s time to knock out senior year and have all of your dreams realized.
It was an honor to be your photographer. I love my job!

Portrait of the Week!

Portrait of the Week!

This is Elizabeth Mather, one of our 2015 model representatives. She is such a sweetheart! She has been rockin the saxophone for many years and loves it!

Also, new to our class of 2015 models she is showcasing our brand new action flares! These action flares add an amazingly dramatic effects to an otherwise normal image. Thank you Elizabeth for helping us create such an Iconic portrait!