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Daniel | Quartz Hill High School Class of 2015


We loved having Daniel in the studio for his senior portraits. He had an awesome smile and was a very happy young adult!


He had some challenges growing up, but he was so proud to have been a part of Quartz Hill High School Class of 2015! He loves learning and already misses going to school. On some days, he still can be found waiting for the school bus to pick him up.


Daniel, congrats on your graduation, and we wish you the best of luck today and in your future!


Get Involved! – Extracurricular Activities in your Senior Portraits


Well, another school year has come and gone, and it’s been amazing to see all of the senior portraits that have come our way! I love to see the seniors come through the door just glowing with potential and looking towards the future!


Of all the students we’ve seen, about 90% of them bring some sort of sports uniform or something to do with activities they do after school, and we thought we would just take a moment to talk about the importance of extracurricular activities.


There are so many benefits to participating in activities after school! Of course, there are the obvious benefits that your counselor will tell you about: they look good on college applications (this is really true!) and help you to stay out of trouble by keeping you busy—but there are more reasons to get involved then that!

Extracurriculars-High-School-Senior-portraits-William-Edwards-Photography_0005 Extracurriculars-High-School-Senior-portraits-William-Edwards-Photography_0006

Your mental and physical health will benefit from after-school activities. If you’re in a sport, in dance, in marching band, or anything else that keeps you active, you’re taking care of your body. Or if you’re into something a little less strenuous like a book club, you’re taking care of your mind. Even just the social skills you are learning can help keep your mind and mental health in check!


You’ll make new friends and learn social skills, and the activities will help to keep you grounded. When you participate with other students, you create a support group for each other, and you learn to deal with people from all sorts of backgrounds and with all sorts of personalities—trust us, that will definitely come in handy!


As this year ends and we look forward to the next year, we always tell the upcoming underclassmen to try and get involved where you can. Do the things you love, and explore new experiences! I think you’ll find that your high school experience will be that much better for it. And then, when you are finally a senior, you can make that part of your senior portrait experience!


And we support all efforts to get creative! Extracurriculars-High-School-Senior-portraits-William-Edwards-Photography_0010

Break the Mold with William Edwards Photography

Senior year is a big year! No matter what path you take after high school, things are changing. You will become a young adult, and you will have to make BIG life decisions.

We want to help you preserve this moment in time through our portraiture. We want to tell your story. We want to capture who you are right now, with all of the things that make you unique and special. We made a video showcasing some of our 2016 models and their unique personalities and styles.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your senior portraits. Come to THE studio that lets you be YOU! The premier portrait studio in the Antelope Valley – William Edwards Photography

The Reality of Texting and Driving

We work with a lot of High School Seniors throughout the year and we love every one of them. Each model we work with is so unique, full of hobbies and interests applicable only to them. But the thing that all seniors share is the excitement of getting behind the wheel, and the freedom that driving can offer.


Because of that, we thought it would be a good idea to touch on the topic of texting and driving. For many teenagers, texting is a normal part of the day. But when behind the wheel, it is so important to put the phone down and stay alert.



You might think that a text doesn’t distract you from the road, but texting takes your eyes off the road for an average of five seconds. That’s far enough to travel the length of a football field when traveling at 55 mph.


We found this video on you tube and thought it sent such a powerful message. This video makes you stop and think about the consequences of sending that text. We hope to change many lives by sharing this video but even if it’s only one, it will be enough to make a difference.

For more information about the dangers of distracted driving, please look at this page from the California Office of Traffic Safety. Please, stay alert and stay safe.