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Local Graffiti Artist – Michael Ramirez


Recently, we had local graffiti artist Michael Ramirez in to do some amazing work for our studio. He completely renovated our graffiti alley for the class of 2016 seniors, as well as our stairway, school bus and an amazing American flag.

 Micheal-Ramirez-graffiti-Class-2016-William-Edwards-Photography_0004 Micheal-Ramirez-graffiti-Class-2016-William-Edwards-Photography_0005

We are so excited to have him working with us to freshen and re imagine some of our outdoor sets exclusively for the class of 2016!


Here is a little more about Michael:

Born in 1990 to the city of Los Angeles, in an era where graffiti and skating flooded its youth. Growing up in the East LA region he was heavily influenced by multiple graffiti artists and their style, creatively sculpting his own to this day. 2008 brought a big move to the Antelope Valley, where graffiti wasn’t as active, steered him towards the finer arts and other mediums: acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels ext. He gained huge interests in abstract, calligraphy & comic style arts. In 2014, Michael entered a tattoo apprenticeship, and continues to push his skills to new levels and hopes to gain the title of a tattoo artist. His ultimate goal is continuing to create art in many ways, shapes, forms or colors.


You can follow him on instagram @AYVER117. And book your session now to have some of his innovative work in your senior portrait.